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Researchers/Practitioners of CAM

The listing of a person on this page does not mean that I endorse their ideas, it just means that they are advocates of alternative cancer therapies. This is intended as a place for those interested in alternative therapies to begin research. Note that none of these people mention specifically pediatric cancers. Most of the names I learned about in the book, Evaluating Alternative Cancer Therapies by DJ Hess. I have not personal experience with any of these people, although I have corresponded with John Boik and respect his scientific approach to cancer therapies.

Some of the people listed below are discussed on Quack Watch, so beware.

*asterisks: I marked some people with an asterisk because they impressed me with either their scientific approach, a web site with a lot of well-written articles, or because they are simply big names in alternative cancer therapy.

*Keith Block Block is an M.D. who is respected in mainstream oncology. His treatments are called Integrative Cancer Care. In 2001, they were described as combining conventional treatment with complementary therapies, including nutrition, acupuncture, fitness regimens, yoga, meditation, etc. The current web site (2011) is commercial, saying that the therapies "address the physical, nutritional, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects of healing and recover; combine state-of-the-art conventional cancer treatments with scientifically based integrative therapies."

*John Boik John Boik's bachelor's degree is in civil engineering, his master's degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine. He became very interested in the use of Chinese herbs in treating cancer. This led to the publication of Cancer and Natural Medicine in 1996 (Steve Dunn's review and David Ungar's review.) Boik does not have a treatment center. Read my review of his latest book, Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy (2001).

*Peter Chowka Writer, journalist, medical-political analyst. A prolific writer, his web site has a lot of articles on it. Served on the advisory board of NIH's Office of Alternative Medicine.

Michael Culbert A veteran of the alternative cancer therapy movement. Served on the working group that gave rise to the OAM of NIH. Was director of information of American Biologics-Mexico; not mentioned in 2011.

John Fink Fink, an actor, became involved in alternative medicine when his daughter was diagnosed with a rare cancer. He is currently associated with the International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends. He wrote Third Opinion: An International Directory to Alternate Therapy Centers for the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer and Other Degenerative Diseases. (In the third edition, 1997)

Norman Fritz Some information on the Cancer Control Society site, mainly it lists presenters at the conventions and gives a brief bio/synopsis on each. Lists bus tours of Tijuana. Talks about the book: What your doctor will not tell you about cancer.

Gar Hildenbrand President of the Gerson Research Organization. He began as a playwright/director and became familiar with the Gerson therapy when he was diagnosed with lupus. He is affiliated with Center for Integrative Medicine at C.H.I.P.S.A (Centro Hospitalario Internacional Pacifica) in Tijuana.

Robert Houston A science writer - a scholar - who writes articles discussing the evaluation of alternative cancer therapies; he has also written computer programs in research statistics, taught courses in nutrition, and consulted for the major TV networks. He wrote Repression and Reform in the Evaluation of Alternative Cancer Therapies (1989).

*Michael Lerner Michael Lerner is president of Commonweal and the author of the 1993 book, Choices in Healing, integrating the best of conventional and complementary approaches to cancer. The web site has a lot, and I mean a LOT, of written materials available online, as in the entire 600 page book. The information is referenced with scientific support. The book provides "one of the clearest expositions of the evaluation problem" by EACT. Steve Dunn writes "Overall this is the most balanced information on alternative therapies I have found anywhere."

Patrick McGrady, Jr. The site is pretty good, well-written sections of opinions and FAQs. Does recommend conventional therapy if he thinks it is appropriate. Excellent page of web links and books to read for both alternative and conventional therapies. Notable links you might not find elsewhere: BioTherapies, Inc., Pulse Nutritional & Health Products, Ltd., Wholeliving.

You have to pay quite a bit to get a report.

*Ralph Moss Ralph Moss is an outspoken advocate for CAM. He is a member of the Cancer Advisory Panel for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAPCAM). Ralph Moss has written eleven books including Cancer Therapy, The Independent Consumer's Guide. This book is reviewed on CancerGuide. His web site has a lot of information on cancer treatments, especially in The Cancer Chronicles, a newsletter published by him between 1989 and 1998. The Moss Reports are individualized treatment plans which individuals order (for a charge) through his web site.

From "About Dr. Moss" on his website: "Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed science writer who has spent more than twenty years investigating and writing about cancer issues. Formerly the assistant director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Moss is the author of such ground-breaking books as Cancer Therapy, Questioning Chemotherapy, and The Cancer Industry, as well as the award-winning PBS documentary The Cancer War. He also wrote the 1994 Yearbook article on alternative medicine for The Encyclopedia Britannica."

You pay to get a report on how to treat your cancer. The web site is now called "Cancer Decisions" instead of The Moss Reports. (2011)

Ross Pelton Degree in pharmacy, psychology; a nutritionist. Wrote Mind, Food, and Smart Pill (1989), Alternatives in Cancer Therapy (1994); How to Prevent Breast Cancer (1995).

Susan Silberstein The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education seeks to bridge the gap between conventional and non-conventional therapies. The site itself does not have a lot of information, but for a small fee, you can send for pamphlets on topics of interest. "Unlike other organizations, which often charge hundreds of dollars for cancer report packets, we provide free individualized information, counseling and referrals. All we ask for is a small tax-deductible donation." There is a lot of "heart" in this site. In 2011, the web site is called

Frank Wiewel A former musician, Wiewel became involved with alternative cancer therapies when his father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. He served on the advisory board for the Office of Alternative Medicine.

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