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Review: Conquering Cancer Network

Conquering Cancer Network, or CCN, is a multimedia presentation targeted at teens that covers many aspects of cancer. It is divided into several sections:

The information is presented at a level that I believe is appropriate for teens. It's not too in-depth, nor is it too simplistic. The Degge Group has done a good job of using current multi-media techniques to integrate graphics, audios, movies, text, games, and links to the internet to present the information. It is easy to navigate through the CD - it's well-organized and intuitive.

What stays with me longest are the video clips of the teens in this CD ROM presentation. I like the clips of the teens discussing the day-to-day experiences of cancer treatment; these clips come across as very honest and real. I know how difficult it is for teens to communicate their cancer experience, and I would like to thank each and every teen on the CD for contributing and for sharing their experiences with other teens.

I explored the CD for a couple evenings, and I know that there is still more information on the CD that I did not get to. Besides the medical information and the video clips, there are games to download and puzzles to print out and do. I really like the way they presented the Resources. Not only do they list books, organizations, and web sites, but they have a hot link to their own resource page on the internet. In today's ever-changing internet, this is the only way for a static source of information (like a CD or a book) to keep up with the latest available information: Link to a web site that can be updated on the fly.

Note: Even though the CD is for teens with solid tumors, teens with leukemia would also benefit from viewing the CD (though not quite as much).

Patty Feist, October 2005

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