Annie's Page

written by her mom, Julie

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    Annie Marie Leafty
    443 South First Street
    Council Bluffs IOWA 51503

If you'd like to see family pictures, click on "photo album" below to open a new browser window. The pictures can load in while you read the story below.

Annie's Story of her diagnosis with Wilms and her two surgeries.

Updates on the log page:

Annie's Kitties! (May 2003)

Introducing the calico kitty, Ms. Kitty. Yes that is her name! Here is another picture, Annie with Ms. Kitty.

This is Lilo. She is part Siamese! She is a lot of fun!

If you would like to donate to help with Annie's rather large medical expenses, you can send donations to our address (above) or Annie' s bank account. Any amount will be greatly appreciated!

    Annie Leafty Cancer Fund
    Firstar Bank Downtown office
    421 W Broadway Street
    Council Bluffs IOWA 51503

If you would like to donate to a good cause, contributions to the NWTSG (National Wilms Study Group) can be made to the office below.

    NWTSG Data Center
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
    1100 Fairview Avenue N.
    P O Box 19024
    Seattle, WA 98109-1024

Annie was baptized on Easter Sunday!!!! She was baptized catholic, in the middle of mass!


When Annie was first diagnosed with cancer I didn't believe it. It couldn't be. Not my daughter. Not a baby. Dr. Abromowitch told me to forget about what I think cancer is and everything that I think chemo does. It's different in kids . . . she was right... Annie is doing great and she is a bright energetic 3 year old that is a childhood cancer survivor!!!

I forgot to tell you the people that helped us the most during the initial diagnosis... My daughter Holly went to Preschool and her teacher took them during the day. Her name is Mrs. Hiatt. She was a life saver. She even took them to her family's Christmas party and even had gifts for my kids there too. We lost alot of friends because of this. But we sure gained so many friends that we can't even count . . . Julie

About Little Orphan Annie:

One of the nurses at the hospital told me of a play of the little orphan annie that was in by Des Moines and I told her that we couldn't afford to go there. The tickets were about 30.00 apiece and the gas. It is about a 3 hour drive there one way!!!! She told me to call them and ask for tickets, that my baby is sick and that she loves to watch the movie at least 3 times a day!!! So I did. And they called back!!! With 3 tickets to go see Annie live on Stage!!!! She had a wonderful time . . . When Annie came out on Stage to sing the tomorrow song, Annie sang right along with her!! Very loudly too . . . Everybody around just laughed and thought that she was sooo cute!!!! One of my close friends made her a red Annie dress to wear to the play!! She even had a doll with her too.

About Annie's Doll:

Annie got the doll that looks just like the one below for her 4th birthday!