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Finding New Treatments

If a disease is not responding to therapy or recurs, what next?

This is the hardest hill a parent faces in the path of childhood cancer. Not every family will reach this part of the journey.

In all reality, the cure for your child may not yet exist. There is also a probability that one of the treatments being tried in small trials or in the mind of a brilliant researcher will cure your child. One thing learned about cancer in recent years is that each and every case of cancer is different, and each and every case responds differently to treatment. The cancers are as individual as each child. What does not work for one child may work for another.

When you know in your heart that your child may soon die, you hold onto your child for each precious moment that you have left. Nothing in the world matters but you and your child, and that is how it should be. You do not have to spend your time searching for new cures; your doctor may very well be doing that for you. But if you feel a need to search, and you can do so without adversely affecting the precious time you have with your child, we hope to provide at this site starting places for your search: web links, phone numbers of researchers, cancer centers, news articles, and clinical trial listings. Also do not hesitate to join a mailing list like Ped Onc to talk to other parents for up-to-the-minute news.

(written by Honna, the first administrator of the ped-onc listserve, in the late 1990s)

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