Phase III Protocol for the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Multiple Poor-Risk Factors Exclusive of FAB L3 Leukemia (Summary Last Modified 09/94)

Dates: around 1994. Chemotherapy for Multi poor risk factors Regimen B - New York II.

Note: this outline was patched together from the NCI online protocol and input from parents of kids with ALL. It is summarized here for our convenience, so that we can quickly compare our protocols. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this outline - it is not an official document. You can contact your child's oncologist and ask for the complete protocol document if you are interested in the details of your child's protocol.

CCG 1901 on the trials site.

Phase 1 (Day 0 - 29)

Phase 2 (Day 0 - 28)

Phase 3 (Day 0 - 63)

 Phase 4 (repeat 5 times) (Day 0 - 56)

 Phase 5 (repeat 3 - 5 times) (Day 0 - 84)

(Day 84 - begin cycle again)

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