ACOR List Rules

1) If you have something to sell, you are definitely in the wrong place! Anyone posting advertisements to an ACOR list will be deleted immediately and without warning. In addition, we may request that your ISP terminate your account for willful abuse, and if we think you are making unsupported claims of a cancer cure we may register a complaint with both the Federal Trade Commission, and the Food and Drug Administration.

2) You may not use an ACOR list to gather data such as e-mail addresses or personal information about listmembers for any reason (this is known as "listmining"). Do not use members' addresses to market any service, product, or treatment.

3) You are not allowed to create a public archive of the contents of an ACOR list without the express permission of the listowners and listmembers.

4) Posts by listmembers should not be re-posted publicly - to other lists, boards, on a web page or in print - without the permission of the author of the post. Printed copies of posts may be made for personal use only.

5) ACOR lists are intended for patients and survivors of cancer and other serious diseases, their family members and loved ones, and for health professionals and medical researchers who wish to lend their support and knowledge.

6) If you are subscribing to an ACOR list for any purpose other than in (5), please contact the listowners immediately, and especially before posting any message to the list. This includes people who want to post a survey or questionnaire, or to make an announcement for a charity or a conference. This also includes people who join the list for research purposes, for instance, authors researching background material and students researching school projects. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis. No matter what the decision of the owners is, do not contact other members privately to solicit their participation in your research.

7) The ACOR list that you join may have special membership restrictions, or additional rules and customs. Please read carefully the Welcome Message that you receive when you subscribe. If the Welcome Message mentions a web page for the list, spend some time and learn about your list's rules and culture.

8) What you read in the ACOR lists are the opinions and experiences of the members: it is not medical advice. Always consult your health care provider before deciding on or changing your medical treatment.

ACOR Posting Guidelines

1) No flaming, which means basically "be kind to one another". Be civil and avoid name calling. Disruptive members may be removed by the listowners at their discretion.

2) Do not ask listmembers to donate to any cause (other than ACOR), whether personal or public. Do not advertise any product or service to the list. Discussing products or services in which you have no financial interest may be acceptable but be sure to understand any specific restrictions for your list.

3) Respect copyright: Do not copy entire articles into a post to the list. Instead, excerpt short, pertinent parts of the article, and provide a web address or printed-journal bibliographic reference.

4) We advise you not to post anyone's home address, e-mail address, or phone number to the list. Instead, we recommend sending personal information in private e-mails. Remember that this information will be distributed to hundreds of people via e-mail and will remain in the ACOR archives. This does not apply to contact information that is already in the public domain.

5) ACOR recognizes that faith is very important to many people, especially during a life crisis like cancer or other serious illness. No matter how strong your personal beliefs, it is important to realize that not everyone shares your beliefs. Don't post messages that might be considered proselytizing, such as telling other people that they should pray or that they will be helped by a particular religion or by religion in general. Several ACOR groups have been created specifically for discussions of the impact that cancer has on faith and that faith has on coping with cancer (CPCOS, FAITH, JP-NET).

6) Politics is generally off topic and not an appropriate subject for the list. Occasionally a legislative bill touches directly on cancer or other serious illnesses. If you do post on a political issue in such a case, avoid blatantly partisan rhetoric. Discussions which are respectful of other viewpoints are acceptable. Please use your best judgment!

7) Do not send attachments (photos, etc) to the list. In order to minimize the spread of viruses, ACOR software automatically rejects any e-mail with attachments.

8) Do not send chain letters or virus warnings to the list.

ACOR's primary goal is to offer useful medical information in a supportive environment. In order to maintain a supportive environment, disruptive members or members who violate list rules may be removed by the listowners at their discretion. Subscription to an ACOR list is a privilege.